Welcome to our practice. We believe you will love how professional, honest and convenient our practice is to get the individualized Chiropractic care you need. We believe everyone can benefit from routine Chiropractic care and it is our goal to remove as many barriers as possible that may prevent you from receiving quality Chiropractic care.

At our Kitchener Chiropractic clinic, we evaluate the overall physical structure of each new patient identifying those areas of the body that are not moving or functioning properly. When joints become restricted, muscle tension may increase which can lead to pain, nerve tension and degenerative changes.

Using treatments such as spinal and extremity joint adjustments, muscle therapy, acupuncture and specific exercises, we are able to restore normal movement throughout the body, allowing optimal joint function, muscle tension and nerve impulses.

As part of the recovery process, exercises and/or specific stretches will be prescribed to address areas of imbalance thus helping to stabilize the injured area and prevent re-occurrence.

What you can expect on your first visit:

  1. Comprehensive consultation and answers to your questions

  2. Full functional physical exam (X-ray if required)

  3. Treatment

Did you know?

Over 80% of people will experience back pain during their lifetime. Prevention is the key to better back health.