Dr. David Gallinaro. Chiropractor.

Chiropractor Kitchener Dr. David Gallinaro
  • University of Western Ontario

  • Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College

  • McMaster University Medical Acupuncture

  • Titleist Performance Institute Certified

Dr. Gallinaro's treatments are based on a functional approach to movement.  Muscle Release Therapy, Chiropractic Adjustments, Medical Acupuncture and Specific Exercises are combined through plans tailored to individual patient needs.  This comprehensive method aids in the long term resolution of injuries, improves the body's functionality and contributes to optimal health. 

As a passionate golfer and a certified member of the Titelist Performance Golf Institute, Dr. Gallinaro subspecializes in assessing and restoring people's range of motion in relation to their sport.  This aids in improving one's game and decreases the possibility of activity induced repetitive strain injuries.

With a focus on up to date research Dr. Gallinaro remains current as an evidence based practitioner through annual continuing education on treatment approaches and diagnostic assessments.  His interest in a biomechanical approach to health stems from his time playing varsity baseball.